Apple Wi-Fi Sync Have A Boom Blasting Feature


Well, after Apple unveiled its latest synchronization feature Wi-Fi IOS 5, Apple was accused of working for a developer whose app tearing, is also the title of the Wi-Fi sync, and was dismissed from the App Store.

Last year, Greg Hughes, a developer and undergraduate at the University of Birmingham, created a Wi-Fi Sync, Access, and submitted to the App Store of Apple. However, the application was refused by Apple.

Seeing as it was refused by Apple spokesperson contacted Hughes and told him that the App does not technically break the rules, even if it would violate the limits of what is allowed and the App Store. Get detailed information about wireless network technologies and their applications, on this website:

Hughes turned to Cydia Store for jail broken devices, and has since sold over 50,000 copies of approx.

After seeing Apple’s newest iPhone OS 5 Wi-Fi Sync, which is the same logo. According to reports, Mr. Hughes was absolutely shocked. Like Apple Wi-Fi to sync automatically synchronize and back up your iTunes iPhone OS 5, the device on a Wi-Fi when the device is connected to a power source.

Greg Hughes said that I would sell my app with the moniker and icon for a year. Apple knew about this, I send them, so it was surprising they had pinched it iOS 5 that he has received legal advice and plans to stand up and defend his work.

Also, Hughes says the spokesman said the App Store last year said that the iPhone’s design team had seen in its application, and was very impressed.

Apple revealed this week that there are currently 425 000 applications for the App Store, with more than $ 2.5 billion paid to the developers. More than 200 million devices were sold IOS, so that 50 percent of the Apple market. If you want to learn more features of apple Wi-Fi sync with their functionalities visit this website:

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