Several Types Of Obesity Surgery


In view of increasing demands and procedures, different types of obesity surgeries have been innovated among which the most common types are lap band surgery, sleeve gastrectonomy surgery and gastric bypass. Let’s gain short brief about these most popular types of obesity surgery.

Lap Band Surgery:

Lap band surgery is clinically known as LAGB or Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB). This type uses an easily adjustable band surgically around the opening to the patient’s stomach. This special type of obesity surgery simply reduces the amount of your food intake at one time.

With the help of a laparoscope, surgeons perform lap band surgery through small incisions. They can also adjust the band around the opening to the patient’s stomach after surgery which allows patients to eat more or less food.

Lap band surgery is highly popular because of its relative simplicity to perform since the band can easily be adjusted or removed when necessary. Moreover, the process poses a low risk of any possible serious complication just after surgery.

Gastric Bypass:

Gastric bypass is also called Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. This type of bypass surgery helps obese patients to lose excessive weight by several processes such as reducing the amount of food intake and the amount of calories and nutrients absorbed from the eaten food.

Bypass surgeons tend to divide the stomach of patients and attach it to their small intestine to create a small pouch. Gastric bypass helps patients to lose their weight in two ways such as open surgery through creating an incision on the patients’ abdomen and laparoscopically through creating smaller incision with smaller surgical instruments.

Both the two techniques used in bypass surgery do have their respective risks as well as benefits. However, gastric bypass has generally a considerable success rate. To learn more requirements, and the pros or cons of lap band surgery visit this website:

Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery:

Sleeve gastrectomy makes the stomach of a patient a narrow tube by reducing the size of his or her stomach. The newly created stomach seems very smaller, and it produces less hormone or ghrelin. Make sure that hormone is responsible for causing hunger.

To get more information about obesity surgery, its precautions, types, and the procedure as a whole visit this website:

Thus, by taking sleeve gastrectomy surgery helps patients feel more satisfied with their less food intake. This type is much safer than bypass surgery since it does not rearrange the intestines which ensure less chance of malnutrition. If you are interested in learning more about surgery and its precautions, visit this website for useful information.

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