Places You Should Not Miss In Sydney Australia


Sydney is located in the state of new south whales with a population of around 4 million spread over a large area and known as the place for maximum number student attractions for higher studies especially the management studies. People from all over the world visit Sydney and prefer to work there all lifelong. Sydney being a famous hotspot for tourists has a diverse population containing people from china, Brazil, etc…..

Here goes the list of some famous places which should not be missed at any cost while visiting Sydney.

  1. DARLING HARBOR– Darling Harbour is a very interesting place to visit and not e missed at any cost. It includes one of the best salt water aquariums. At this place you can actually get an idea what see waters actually hold in them, the crocodiles, wild sharks and a lot more to just make you eyes wide open. Well there is a lot more it holds such as the variety of fishes, reefs extra that can really amaze you.
  2. THE OPERA HOUSE– After the kangaroo for what Australia is known for is the OPERA HOUSE which has helped Australia gains a name worldwide. The construction of this OPERA HOUSE is one and only one of its types in the world. Especially the roof made with the white tiles cemented all around the roof. THE OPERA HOUSE is visible is visible from long distances and especially the lighting at the opera at the night makes it look completely awesome.
  3. MANLY BEACH-It is a very less crowded area and easily accessible through different places in Sydney. The beach serves the surfing waves to the surfers and this is what makes it an adventurous place.  On holidays the beach becomes heavily crowded and thus the peace people looking for at the beach might be difficult to find.
  4. BONDI BEACH-It is a famous Australian Beach and major attractions of AUSTRALIA. It also serves the country for various sport activities and thus makes the beach active almost every day. Being so famous tourist place makes the beach so crowded at times that it becomes hard to find a meter place to enjoy. You may also find restaurants, cafes and a lot more to spend the day in the best   possible manner.
  5. BLUE MOUNTAINS– Blue Mountains can be reached from Sydney in a time of about one hour. The eucalyptus trees on the mountains are what make the surrounding look so magical. The oil essence released from the trees when come in contact with the sunlight gives out a red colour in the surrounding and thus makes the atmosphere look blue all around. Cable crosses, short walking trains provide a facility to have a deep look at the fauna and flora of the mountains. The ranges of mountains also have restaurants and cafes on the roads and thus a perfect place to enjoy the beautiful sunny day.

There are a lot more of attraction in Sydney but these 5 are one of the major attractions of Sydney and should never be missed while planning for a trip to Sydney.

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