Behavioral Therapy – An Effective Way!


The Delray Recovery Center is a facility that dedicates itself to helping families and individuals overcome various forms of addiction to alcohol and other substances. Drug addiction treatment, in particular, has the goal of helping addicted persons stop from the compulsive seeking and use of drugs.

Drug addiction treatment differs from one individual to another, especially because the process tends to be characterized by occasional relapse. For this reason, treatment should be perceived as a long-term process that will require regular monitoring and different methods of intervention. With time, the odds of complete recovery (that of living a quality life without drug dependency) increases the longer that the individual stays within the program. Visit this website to learn about the entire drug-addicted patient treatment process.

An evidence-based approach to addiction treatment yields a variety of approaches. A combination of therapies have been found to be most effective, and the specific combination depends on the type of drugs that have been used or abused, as well as on the patient’s individual needs. Some of the proven methods of addiction therapy include cognitive therapy, contingency management, individual counseling, and pharmacological management, among others.

Behavioral Therapy

The role of behavioral therapy in addiction treatment has to be emphasized because it plays a crucial part in achieving success. The benefits of behavioral therapy include

(1) motivation to start and continue addiction treatment;

(2) enhanced coping which leads to avoidance of addictive substance;

(3) reduces likelihood of relapse;

(4) in the event of relapse, equips individuals to deal with it and intensify efforts to prevent future occurrences.

Behavioral therapy can occur in individualized sessions or in group settings. Individual sessions allows the therapist to provide customized treatment that has been specifically tailored to the patient’s needs as related to age, culture, race, gender, comorbidity (such as depression, etc), and history of abuse. Meanwhile, group therapy conducted under the guidance of trained professionals can be a good source of affirmation and encouragement—both of which can help promote abstinence and encourage continuance with a non-addictive lifestyle. To learn more about the methods used by behavioral therapy professionals visit this website

Severity of Addiction

It is a well-known fact that addiction can be difficult to kick. As mentioned above, addiction treatment should be seen as a long-term prospect. At the Recovery Center, one of the most important factors that are taken into consideration when deciding on an individualized treatment approach is the severity of addiction, as well as all and any previous efforts taken to stop using drugs/ addictive substance.

Also, the Delray Recovery Center recognizes that aside from the addiction itself, the affected individuals are highly likely to suffer from other problems that may be psychological, occupational, legal, social, or familial in nature. These problems may have arisen from the addiction, or may have actually contributed to the development of the addiction itself; in either case, these problems are also addressed as part of the holistic therapeutic approach.

To learn more about how behavioral therapy becomes an efficient method, visit this website

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